Redox Reactions

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  • Chemistry

Year of production: 2016
Duration: 05:07 minutes

The subject of this film is the redox reaction. They are reactions in which oxidation and reduction take place simultaneously. It is impossible to extract metals like iron and copper without redox reactions. In nature, many metals are not found in their pure form but rather as compounds with other elements. These compounds can be metal oxides that are a result of oxidation. In this exothermic chemical reaction, substances bond with oxygen to form oxides. No elemental metal is present in the metal oxides. To extract the metal, the oxygen has to be removed from the metal oxide again. A reaction in which oxygen is removed from an oxide again is called reduction. It is endothermic, meaning energy has to be added. A reduction is the reversal of oxidation.
This film uses various experiments to demonstrate the properties and characteristics of redox reactions.

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