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Produktionsjahr: 2016
Dauer: 06:43 Minuten

The subject of this film is carbon. Along with oxygen and hydrogen, it is the most important element in living nature because carbon compounds form the molecular basis of all living things. But inorganic compounds also contain carbon. For example, with oxygen it forms the gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. In mineral form carbon is predominantly found in carbonates, like calcium carbonate. But carbon can be found in its elemental form too: as graphite, as diamond and as fullerene.
As can already be seen in the structure of the three modifications, carbon has the ability to form chains and rings with itself. The element also forms such bonds with other substances. It also forms double and triple bonds. That means that carbon, along with hydrogen, can make the highest number of chemical compounds. This versatility is particularly apparent in organic carbon compounds, as can be seen when taking a look at the carbohydrate group. Other important organic carbon compounds can be found in the fossil fuels petroleum, natural gas and coal, which are made up of the remains of plants and animals.

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